What You Will Hear After Our Acoustic Panels Are Installed | Overtone Acoustics

Overtone Acoustics is all about bringing together function, performance, and artistic expression. We provide acoustic treatments to listening environments of all kinds, from recording studios and home theatres to conference rooms and other commercial settings. Below, we’ll address what makes our acoustic wall panels unique along with what you can expect to hear after your sound absorbing panels have been installed.

Acoustic Panel Features

Our sound absorbing panels are made from premium materials and come ready to hang. Specifically design for absorbing and refocusing mid to high range frequencies, our acoustic panels are formulated to reduce reverberation and echo within a given environment.

  • High Quality - Durable construction, dimensional stability, and better absorption than foam panels.
  • Pro Performance - High-density fiber core effectively controls primary reflections and flutter echo.
  • Modern Profile - Provides excellent noise absorption while remaining sleek and stylish.

Bass Trap Features

While our acoustic wall panels are designed to control mid to high range frequencies, Overtone Bass Traps provide low-end attenuation that supplements the accuracy of low-frequency reproduction, meaning the bass will be true, clean, and powerful.

  • High-Density Sound Absorption - Features three inches of highly absorbent cotton denim.
  • Three-Inch Profile - Provides additional low-end attenuation, delivering a truer sound.
  • Handcrafted & Gallery-Wrapped - Handcrafted in the U.S.A., and wrapped in your choice of fabric.

Acoustic Treatment Results

As opposed to soundproofing a room, which simply involves keeping noise in or out of a room, acoustic treatment absorbs excess sound while refining the overall sonic balance. Because the room itself plays a significant role in the quality achieved through a sound system, the acoustics of a room can virtually make or break the end product. You might have world-class musical artists playing ridiculously well-crafted instruments in your recording studio, but if your recording room has less than adequate acoustics, you’ll find the results will suffer.

Achieving A Balance

Simply put, our acoustic panels help you achieve a balance between a “dead room” or an overly “live room.” A live room, as you can probably surmise, is one that has a surplus of hard surfaces like cement, hardwood floor, or glass windows. Because of this excess, everything tends to sound a bit muddy (think of the last time you went to a talent show in a school gym — it didn’t sound too great, did it?). On the other hand, a dead room gives you the opposite sort of problem. When there are too many absorbing surfaces, like carpeting or dense furniture and draperies, too much sound gets absorbed, leaving you with a muffled sound.

What you are looking for is a room that has an appropriate balance between being muddy and muffled. This will give you a natural blend of rich sounds that are balanced across the frequency spectrum.

What You Can Expect From Overtone Acoustic Treatment

Chiefly, you should expect a more accurate sound — one with a more consistent low-frequency response and less reflected energy. Your studio recordings should sound more controlled and professional and your mixes should translate better to other systems as a result. Sound absorption panels placed at the first reflection points in a listening room will greatly enhance the overall sound. This is because in doing so, you stop the sound waves from bouncing back and forth, which in turn yields superior stereo imaging and a greater depth of soundstage.

We unify form and function with our acoustic treatments and soundproofing solutions. If you are looking to achieve professional-quality sound, while adding a distinct style to your setting, our handcrafted acoustic panels, sound diffusers, and bass traps will make a dramatic impact toward reaching your goals.

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