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Apartment living can come with a unique set of challenges - such as when neighbors are commonly separated by nothing more than thin, often uninsulated walls, where sound tends to flow freely between units.

Unfortunately, blocking sound from one unit to the next can be difficult in apartment complexes, as this will require some modification to the structure of the walls, floors, or ceiling. It's important to understand that there is no temporary soundproofing fix.

Not to fret - if construction is not an option for you, there are still ways to improve the level of comfort experienced in your living space.

Your first step is to identify where the sound is coming from. If it is clearly coming through one shared wall, focus on that area. If it is loudest near your front door or kitchen window, start there.

The size and portability of Overtone HD Sound Absorbing Curtains make it a great solution for treating windows and doors, offering elements of both soundproofing and sound absorption. If you find that sound is coming through gaps in a door, you may consider our Acoustical Door Seal Kits.

If you’d like to improve the general sound quality within your living space, adding Overtone Acoustic Panels to your apartment will help control reverb and our Acoustic Art Panels are sure to make a statement.

We offer a wide variety of products to help improve your apartment acoustics.


The trickiest one is impact noise through your floor/ceiling assembly. Damping compound will likely help, but not eliminate the noise. A floor underlayment is normally what we’d recommend, but convincing your landlord or upstairs neighbor that it is necessary to rip up their floor to install may be difficult. Isolation clips can create a ceiling below your existing ceiling, but again installation is labor intense. If neither of these seem possible to accomplish for you, you may just have to talk to your neighbor about putting down a rug or taking off their shoes when they walk around above you. If they are not receptive then try going to your landlord. It couldn’t hurt to ask, especially if you are losing sleep or your quality of life is affected.

When asking your landlord about installing any of these methods for soundproofing your apartment, make the case to them that noise does make it more difficult to live there, and that you’d be much more likely to renew your lease if treatment is installed. Hopefully they will view soundproofing an apartment as an investment, saving them money as tenants stay longer.

Download our Overtone Acoustics Toolkit for free and analyze the reverberation time of your space to receive a personalized acoustical coverage report!


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Title: Live With Shared Walls? Find Out How These Acoustic Wall Panels Can Help

Meta: When you live in a space with shared walls, your sound quality can suffer. Find out how our acoustic wall panels can help in apartments and condos. Living in an apartment, condo, or any other space with shared walls, comes with its own unique set of sound challenges. From hearing every word of your neighbors’ late night arguments to losing the pristine sound quality you seek in your home theater due to sound pollution, a shared wall can seem like an audiophile’s worst nightmare. While shared walls are never ideal, the good news is that there are solutions for living with nearby neighbors. Read on to learn more about how our acoustic wall panels can help improve the quality of sound even in an apartment or condo and find out some bonus tips on creating a better sound experience in your home.