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Overtone Acoustics is your source for custom acoustic solutions; where style meets function. Our acoustic art comes in the form of sound absorbing wall panels that are ready to hang and made of premium materials. We offer the ability to harmonize the practical function of sound dampening panels with sound absorbing art — and not just any art either. You are the artist. Create your own acoustic art panel in just four easy steps! Turn any image into a decorative acoustic panel:

  1.  Upload - Upload your high-resolution image
  2.  Customize - Choose your options, then preview your print
  3.  Order - Custom made to order, your acoustic art panel will ship in 11-15 business days.
  4.  Love - Love your purchase in both style and function, or your money back!

Our acoustic art features a sound absorption core that reduces echoes and unwanted noise. Hand-made in the USA, your Hi-Res print canvas arrives ready-to-hang with all hardware included.

Acoustics In Classrooms

Now that we’ve gotten some broad-strokes information out of the way, we’d like to take the opportunity to focus on acoustics in classrooms more specifically. The reason why classroom acoustics matter at all is fairly plain to see. If students and teachers aren’t able to hear clearly in a classroom, they won’t be able to interact easily. Instead of learning, students will get frustrated, as will the teacher.

But there is more to the topic than that cursory observation. In a 1975 study administered by Bronzaft and Murphy, the researchers determined that students who sit in a noisy classroom (one that faced a train, in this instance) were almost a year behind children who remained on the quiet side of the building! We aren’t in the field of education by any means, but it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to understand the significance of reducing distracting noises as much as possible within a classroom setting. When children’s inability to focus is compounded by the plethora of technological distractions their daily life is bombarded with, we think it’s safe to say that fostering a learning environment that removes as many external distractions as possible is a very good thing.

And there is more that we could write about students dealing with noise pollution in the classroom along with how it affects their learning, but, again, we aren’t educators. We’ll stick to what we know, and what we know is sound absorption and acoustic treatment.

Acoustic Treatment For Classrooms

So you’ve arrived at this point looking for a way to remedy the terrible reverberation and echo that happens in a classroom(s). The reason why there is too much reflection occurring is due to the overabundance of hard surfaces in the room itself. Hard surfaces, like windows, tile, wood floors, or concrete will increase the reflection of sound waves bouncing around, leaving students and teachers helpless and frustrated because of a lack of speech clarity. More specifically, a classroom that has poor acoustics leads to issues that can include:

  •   Low-frequency noises will lead to distorted speech
  •   Sound levels reflect off hard surfaces, leading to echoes
  •   In turn, this raises the baseline noise level in the classroom
  •   Ultimately, students and teachers will need to yell in order to be heard

To solve these problems, the general goal becomes reducing sound levels. Easier said than done, of course, but this process involves addressing both the low-frequency buildup of sound and the awful echo effect. Achieving speech clarity for everyone in the classroom is the goal, and while no two classrooms are exactly alike, there are sound absorption panels and other acoustic treatment solutions that we provide at Overtone Acoustics which will dramatically improve speaker and listener comfort in any given classroom.

The Overtone Acoustics Solution

We’ve worked with Disney, Roland, Vintage King Audio, Marcus Lemonis, and many others, bringing our reliable acoustic treatment to a wide range of environments. For classrooms, the first thing we’ll need to know is the dimensions of the room in question.

Once we get a better feel for the room’s makeup, we can make a plan of action which will guide our acoustic treatment. We’ll certainly utilize our acoustic wall panels to bring audible clarity. The high-density sound absorption panels are handcrafted, fully customizable, and quite easy to install as well.

If there is too much low-end buildup, our bass traps will control low-frequencies, creating a well-balanced listening space. Overtone Acoustics bass traps offer extra low-end absorption to provide perfect balance. With high-density sound absorption, three inches of highly absorbent cotton denim, and gallery-wrapped quality, our bass traps are all about quality. And while not every classroom has an issue with bass absorption, we can solve that problem should the need arise.

Acoustic Art For Classrooms

For both our bass traps and acoustic wall panels, you can choose between Diamond Knit and Microsuede styles, along with a wealth of colors to match your classroom’s look and feel.

It’s often the case, however, that many of our clients who need acoustic treatment for their classrooms are interested in creating their own acoustic art panels. We mentioned how easy the ordering process is earlier, but for teachers, it’s all about using sound absorption wall panels as an educational tool. Whether you choose to add a motivational quote, striking image of nature, or throw some algebraic formulas on your panel is up to you! The beauty is that it’s completely customizable, so you can make it your own! Check out our collections and artist spotlight on our art panel resource.

Classroom Sound Panels

At the end of the day, Overtone Acoustics offers top-quality acoustic treatment for classrooms. If you need sound absorption panels, we are worth your consideration because of our experience, industry knowledge, and superior sound absorption products. Ultimately, we will take the time to learn about your unique room and what you are looking for. No two classrooms are alike, and we keep that in mind when putting together your unique quote. We do everything to make sure the acoustic treatment we provide makes a tangible difference in whatever environment you have in mind.

We provide commercial soundproofing services to a range of clients, so shop our acoustic wall panels today!