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We at Overtone Acoustics are experts in finding custom acoustic treatment solutions for particular environments. From home theaters to classrooms to studios to larger, more challenging spaces, we offer custom sound absorption solutions that our clients are consistently thrilled with. Below, we’ll describe what you should be looking for with regard to acoustic panels for ceilings, but before we do so we’d like to share a bit about who we are at Overtone Acoustics.

Some Background

We were founded on the basis of a simple passion for sound and design. Since our inception in 2011, we’ve been focused on developing affordable acoustic treatment solutions that blend function with style. When our founder, Brad Turpin, was able to transform his spare bedroom into a professional-grade home studio, we knew that affordable solution we had dreamed of had become a reality.

Fast-forward a few years, and we’ve seen website sales take off while we have been able to offer something completely unique in our industry; the ability for artists to define the style of the room they have in mind with our artistic art panels. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to add to our offerings, with commercial acoustic installation services and worldwide shipping among the newest set of services. 2017 saw us receive funding from Marcus Lemonis, of CNBC’s The Profit, which allowed us the ability to move our production to a 75,000 square-foot facility. If and when you order acoustic panels for ceilings or walls from Overtone Acoustics, it is this same U.S.A. facility where your panels will be precision-crafted by hand.

As the years pass, we haven’t forgotten about our humble roots or our original passion for high-quality sound deadening panels blended with creativity and design. For professional-quality acoustical solutions that add to the ambiance of whatever space they are placed, Overtone Acoustics is at the top of the industry for good reason. To view completed projects we’ve done for yourself, check out our gallery right here!

Now, let’s take a look at the specifics of ceiling acoustic panels.

Sound Absorbing Vs. Soundproofing

It’s important to make sure everyone knows the difference between soundproofing a room and acoustically treating a room, the latter of which involves utilizing sound absorbing products. Soundproofing, by contrast, is about increasing the degree of acoustic isolation between the external world and a particular room. Soundproofing a room will cut down on sound leaking in or out of the space in question, meaning there’s no real difference in keeping sound in or out. Sound absorption requires the use of acoustic absorbers, diffusers, and reflectors that allow listeners to experience improved sound. When a room is too “live,” it means that there is an excess of hard, sonically reflective surfaces in the environment. These surfaces cause echoes and distortion, which makes listening to music, watching movies, or, in some circumstances, holding a conversation with someone while others are talking — supremely difficult.

Why Would You Need Acoustic Panels For Ceilings?

You would need acoustic ceiling panels for the same reason you’d want sound absorbing wall panels — to deaden the sound. But does every room that gets acoustic treatment of some kind also need sound absorbing ceiling panels? Definitely not. While no two rooms are alike, most “live rooms” (or rooms that require some sound absorption to achieve the right balance) only need around 25 to 30 percent of all surface area covered in acoustic panels. Standard rooms have a minimum of six surfaces: a ceiling, floor, and four walls. Some rooms have a wealth surface area taken up by windows, making them a less than ideal place for acoustic panels to be hung.

If there is a room with an abundance of windows, or perhaps one that has an excess of reflective surfaces to the point that merely treating the walls won’t do the trick, getting acoustic panels for your ceiling is probably worth considering.

Now let’s take a look at what you can expect from our acoustic panels we offer at Overtone Acoustics

Acoustic Panels

Our acoustic panels come in a wide range of styles and colors, to the point that you can custom-design your own panel by uploading your own high-definition image on there! But no matter which design or material you choose, all our noise reducing panels feature the following:

  • High Quality - Durable construction, dimensional stability, and better absorption than foam panels
  • Pro Performance - High-density fiber core effectively controls primary reflections and flutter echo
  • Modern Profile - Provides excellence noise absorption while remaining sleek and stylish.

All of our products are designed around 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch panel depths, with each weighing six lbs. Utilizing high-density mineral wool for absorption, our 2-inch thickness will absorb mid to high-range frequencies, with our 4-inch thickness panels handling lower-range frequencies with aplomb. If you need help determining which kind of panel is right for the project you have in mind, we are more than happy to put our industry knowledge to good use for you. Contact us here!

What Can You Expect After The Installation?

Quite simply, you should experience a clear, accurate sound. The echo will be diminished and the low-frequency muddiness should also be dramatically reduced. Whether your space is commercial or private in nature, a properly optimized space will greatly enhance the overall sound listeners experience.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; no two spaces are alike. So don’t worry if you have installed sound absorbing panels but you haven’t quite found the perfect balance just yet! Consider adding bass traps to your room if the low-end issue still hasn’t been resolved. Or better yet, just clue in the experts in the first place, so we can put our heads together to make sure you get the exact right treatment the first time!

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