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Since 2011, we’ve been providing acoustic treatments for clients of all sorts. From recording studios to home theaters to commercial projects, we are experienced and skilled at tailoring acoustical solutions to the unique characteristics of each room we treat.

Conference rooms are among the commercial spaces we optimize. From a business perspective, it’s easy to understand why; the conference room is where an organization conducts business with clients, and as such it needs to be a comfortable, organic space where productivity can flow.

The setup of any room in which you conduct professional meetings is vital. A conference room might have all the visual feng shui in the world, but if the room is sonically lacking, it can subtly disturb the natural flow of interaction that should be taking place.

Conference Rooms - The Acoustically Neglected Space

It’s too often the case that modern conference rooms receive little to no thought in terms of its acoustic characteristics. As is the case with any room that has an explicit purpose, you need to find a balance between the space being too “dead or “live.” To the uninitiated, a “live room” refers to any space that has an excess of hard, reflective surfaces. Sound waves bounce back and forth repeatedly, creating a distorted space with muddy audio. On the other hand, if you hear someone talk about a “dead room,” this represents the opposite problem. It refers to a room that naturally absorbs too much sound, completely deadening the atmosphere. If you have a conference room with carpeting, long drapes, and plush furniture (we aren’t sure why you’d have a conference room furnished this way, but just go with it for the example), talking in that room would sound like you are in a closet full of winter coats rather than a professional environment.

Moderation Is Key

If you are having trouble with speech intelligibility, echoes, or simply general sound quality, you might be inclined to try a dramatic change in sound absorption coverage. Depending on the ceiling height and other room dimensions, typically the best solution involves a measure of moderation. Just like for live recording rooms, light sound absorption surface coverage in the range of 15 to 25 percent is ideal coverage in terms of acoustic panels for conference rooms. This will keep a degree of natural ambiance while people converse, getting back to the “live room” vs. “dead room” conversation. Going too heavy-handed with your sound absorption approach will leave your conference room sounding like it just got hit with six inches of snow. The key is finding the balance between that extreme and the other, where your space is more like a high school gym than a place to conduct business!

What Treatment Do You Need?

We’ve established the fact that your organization’s image can be negatively impacted by poor conference room acoustics. What we haven’t yet discussed are specifics about acoustic treatment. At Overtone Acoustics, we offer a wide range of options for our clients to choose from. For example, we offer handcrafted acoustic panels that are ideal for mid to high-range frequency absorption. Perfect for reducing echo and reverberation in any space, our acoustic wall panels feature:

  •  High Quality - Durable construction, dimensional stability, and better absorption than foam panels
  •  Pro Performance - High-density fiber core effectively controls primary reflections and flutter echo
  •  Modern Profile - Provides excellence noise absorption while remaining sleek and stylish

You can count on the above qualities no matter which style or material of acoustic wall panels you select for your conference room. And while each of our panels weigh six lbs., you can choose between 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch panel depths, depending on what range of frequencies you are looking to deaden. For example, our 4-inch thickness panels are used to absorb lower range frequencies, while our 2-inch thickness sound absorption panels will target mid to high-range frequencies — those that are more commonly the issue in a professional setting.

Most often, we’d recommend a light to moderate acoustic treatment for your average conference room. We’ll handcraft our panels made of high-density mineral wool that will lead to a more accurate sound, one with more consistent mid to high-frequency response and less reflected energy bouncing around. This will make speech intelligibility much better, leaving anyone in the room more comfortable. Whether the room is for internal staff or sitting down with important clients, in-person or in a video-conferencing setting, having an environment where everyone can communicate clearly and efficiently will only better your organization’s image while improving productivity at the same time!

Style To Match Your Brand

One of the elements that sets Overtone Acoustics apart from other soundproofing companies is our passion for blending functional performance with acoustic art. We don’t believe that visual design and optimized sonic experiences are mutually exclusive, so we offer our clients the chance to turn any image into functional artwork! Of course, if you could use some inspiration, we have a range of collections from which you can draw, in addition to a gallery of completed projects for a bit of inspiration.

For clients who are looking to “kill two birds with one stone,” our decorative acoustic panels are a perfect solution. If you end up going the route of creating your own artwork, all you have to do is upload your high-resolution image, customize your order, wait for it to arrive in 11-15 business days, hang it up with no trouble, and love it! If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you your money back!

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As you can imagine, there is much more that goes into the process of acoustically treating a conference room. No two settings are alike, which is why we are happy to put our experience and wisdom to good use for you. If you are able to provide us with the room dimensions, ceiling height, existing sound treatments, and any other relevant information you can provide, we can go to work for you, providing much more than an estimate. We want our clients to be thrilled with the outcome because we are genuinely passionate about what we do.

So whether you are interested in commercial soundproofing in general or you have a custom project already in mind, we’d love to hear from you and formulate a tailored acoustic solution you are excited about. Get a free job estimate from Overtone Acoustics!