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Sound Absorption And Soundproofing

As much as we enjoy describing the merits of our acoustic treatment services and products, we have a promised blog topic to get to! Today’s post, as the title no doubt gave away, concerns the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption. Sometimes, these terms are wrongly used interchangeably — even by folks in the industry.

That’s why we feel compelled to explain the key differences between the concepts before we explain how we fit into the picture here at Overtone Acoustics. Let’s get going!

What Is Soundproofing?

There are many kinds of acoustical problems, just like there are many ways of solving various acoustical problems. Soundproofing a room refers to keeping sound from traveling between walls. Now, soundproofing a room might involve keeping noise confined to a certain room or it might be intended to keep sound out. Either way, soundproofing must be done during the construction of a building or room because most soundproofing materials are found inside a partition, such as a ceiling or wall.

STC Ratings

To make sure that a room or building is sufficiently resistant to the passage of sound, industry professionals use Sound Transmission Class, or STC, to ensure the effectiveness of soundproofing efforts. STC ratings measure the degree to which a wall will block noise from getting to the next room, and the higher the rating, the better that material is at reducing the sound transmission of the most common frequencies.

What Is Sound Absorption?

Our sound absorption company is unsurprisingly rooted acoustic wall panels which absorb reverberations and flutter echoes. Sound absorption concerns reducing superfluous noise within a given setting. When a room is described as being overly “live,” it refers to an excess of reverb in that room due to a surplus of hard, reflective surfaces. While soundproofing efforts must be undertaken during the construction of a building/room, administering sound absorption can happen in rooms that have already been built. Overtone Acoustics provides sound absorption panels, such as acoustic wall panels and bass traps, that absorb extra sound to provide clarity and balance to a given room.

Live Vs. Dead Rooms

When you are acoustically treating a room, It’s imperative to strike a balance between an overly “dead” and “live” room. The former refers to rooms that have too many reflective surfaces (such as concrete, hardwood flooring, or glass windows) and the sonics of the room can best be described as “muddy.” An overly dead room, in contrast, refers to rooms in which the opposite extreme has taken effect. There are too many sound absorbing surfaces (thick carpeting, drapes, and other upholstery) which creates a flat sonic experience for the listener. When performing acoustic treatment services, the trick is to find the right balance of sound absorption to allow for natural ambiance while still making sure that clarity is achieved.

Find A Balance

Different rooms have different functions, so there’s no exact rule that can be used for each project, but general principles can be followed nevertheless. Typically, you’ll want to treat around 20-30% of a room’s total surface area. In our experience at Overtone Acoustics, we deal with overly live rooms. We offer acoustic solutions for rooms of all sizes and functions, for both private and commercial purposes. No matter what your room requires, the key is to find a rich balance of sound across the spectrum of frequencies. For more information about soundproofing vs. sound absorption, check out our dedicated resource.

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