Today’s post is going to be a fun one! We are excited to take the opportunity to tell our readers and prospective customers a little bit more about our background here at Overtone Acoustics. In posts of the past, we’ve touched on what we offer along with what customers can expect from us in terms of quality products and committed service, but we’ve yet to highlight the details of our beginnings.

So allow us to do exactly that, after which we will briefly touch on what our customers stand to gain from choosing us to be their providers of all things related to acoustic treatment services!


Overtone Acoustics was created for the purposes of blending two worlds into one — sound and design. Our passion for both has guided us through many twists and turns throughout our near decade of existence, and we are thrilled to have arrived at where we are today. However, it’s important to remember every step of the journey to fully appreciate the breadth of what we presently offer.

2011 - Brad Turpin’s Dream

Founded by Brad Turpin in 2011, Overtone Acoustics began as the dream of an individual who was concurrently pursuing a career in the music industry. Naturally, this meant Brad spent a good deal of time in professional recording studios, which afforded him the opportunity to pay specific attention to the subtle differences in sound quality from room to room. Being active in the music industry made him realize a huge area of opportunity in the market — there needed to ba way to offer professional acoustic treatments at an affordable price. So Brad, with the help of a few of his friends, decided to totally revamp a spare bedroom into a professional-grade recording studio. The result — Overtone Acoustics was born.

2013 - A Boom In Website Sales

After more than a year of laying the groundwork for a successful business, we started to see a significant growth in sales. This boom led to key opportunities with big-name brands, including Disney, which begat additional opportunities working studio designers and others. It was in 2013 when we received a feature in Mix Magazine’s Coolest New Studios feature!

2015 - Artistic Art Panels

We wanted to carve out a niche for ourselves that simply went beyond offering high-quality sound absorption panels for a reasonable price. Although there was significant value in that, we realized there was a unique opportunity to do something completely innovative. As artists ourselves, it dawned on us that other artists would want their recording space to reflect their tastes. Hence, we developed Acoustic Art Panels to give our clients the ability to personalize their studio while still getting professional acoustic treatment. It was this time when we continued to grow and expand into new markets that we were able to start offering worldwide shipping alongside commercial installation services!

2017 - We Receive Funding Via Marcus Lemonis

You may have first heard about us due to our appearance on CNBC’s The Profit. Through that experience, we were fortunate enough to receive funding from Marcus Lemonis, which led to moving our production to a 75,000-square-foot facility. This is where we remain, as we continue to combine state-of-the-art technology with visual appeal. Our high-quality, handmade acoustic reflectors, diffusers, and absorbers are available for an affordable price for both commercial and private use!

Create Your Own Acoustic Art!

Overtone Acoustics lets you be the artist, turning any image into functional artwork in no time at all. Simply upload your image, customize your options, complete your order, and love it — or your money back! We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about our story in today’s post, but not as much as we hope you’ll soon experience the amazing blend of style and function with our custom acoustic treatments. Shop custom today!