People want privacy in a hotel. That’s a given. Imagine driving several hours to reach your hotel after a long night. You’re going to be looking forward to sleeping in that bed for as many hours as you can get before getting out to start your day. Now imagine you don’t get to sleep because you can hear your neighbor’s TV so clearly it’s as if you’re in the same room. The guest in this scenario is very unlikely to book a room at that hotel again.

If you own a hotel, you’ll want to make sure that your guests get as much sleep as they like while they’re staying with you. A large part of this is making sure that your hotel rooms are as quiet as possible. Peace and quiet are some of the most important aspects of guest satisfaction, and you want to make sure your guests are satisfied because they’ll come back, and recommend you to their friends.

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One of the most common complaints about hotel stays is noise issues. The sound of your neighbor's snoring, or even having a party late into the night, hotel staff cleaning the room down the hall, or even the ice machine at two in the morning. Your guest won't be coming back if they don't get any sleep during their first stay.

Your goal as a hotel owner should be to provide the most comfortable, and private stay for your guests. They will return, and bring their friends if their experience is amazing. One of the best ways to ensure this is to soundproof the rooms so that sound stays where it should. Providing a soundproofed room is the first step to ensuring that your guests have an experience that they will remember.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind

How do I know what soundproofing materials I need?

The first step to determining which products you will need is to identify what noise is the issue. Is it the TV next door? Is it the pipes?  

The second step is going to find out where the noise is coming from. Is it above the room? Is it coming from next door? Is it across the hall? Is it in the same room? 

This information will be key in determining which products will be necessary for combating the problem and providing your guests with the most comfortable stay.

How will soundproofing my hotel rooms help me?

If you soundproof the rooms in your hotel, your guests will not only appreciate it, but you will also:

  • Minimize noise complaints, reducing or eliminating unhappy guests or other types of noise related issues.
  • Provide a restful and peaceful stay, causing guests return and tell others, improving your business.


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