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Room Kits

Overtone Acoustics Room Kits are designed to perform. Whether a project Recording Studio or an action packed Home Theater, our Acoustic Treatment products are sure to bring new life to the way your room sounds.


Music generates sound waves which freely travel through the air unless they are stopped by quality studio acoustic treatment. Properly treating your space with acoustic panels will give you the power to control the sound and enhance the rooms clarity. Absorbing many of the mid- and high frequencies to keep them from bouncing off the walls thus reducing echo and distortion from reverberation.

Sound absorption with acoustic panels effectively treats problems caused by high frequencies (cymbals, upper notes on a keyboard) and middle frequencies (guitar, sax). Low frequencies (bass guitar, drums, low notes on a keyboard) are more difficult to control, and using 4" panels (bass traps) in corners is a good place to begin.

Looking for a low-risk way to get know our product? Check out our Sample Kit



  • Affordable Package Options
  • Effectively Control Unwanted Room Reflections
  • Easy to Install on Practically Any Surface
  • Commonly Used In Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Listening Rooms, Mastering Room, Vocal Booth
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

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