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Acoustic Door Jamb Kit

Quality Basic Door Gasket fitted with an enhanced solid neoprene seal will provide a secure seal around the perimeter of your door frame. Available in two anodized finishes in sets of (2) 84" Jambs + (1) 36" Header.
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    Sound and air infiltration are very common through the gaps around the perimeter of doors. Installing a proper seal onto a door stop provides the added benefits of a door with higher sound control while it prevents energy loss, thus lowering your utility bills.

    How to Measure for a Perimter Door Gasket:

    How to Measure for a Perimeter Door Gasket - Figure 1

    First measure the Door Stop along the header (top) of your door from side to side (see Figure 1).

    Next, measure the full length of your jamb (sides of your door), from the floor surface or doorway threshold to the top of your door header.

    You can easily resize the door gasket on the field if necessary, so you might want to leave ½”- ¾” (.5” - .75”) room for error. Make note of your required dimensions.

    How to Install a Perimeter Door Gasket


    How to Install a Perimeter Door Gasket - Figure 2


    First measure and test the header piece to ensure it is not too long.

    If trimming is necessary, use a chop saw with a carbide blade to cut down to size.



    How to Install a Perimeter Door Gasket - Figure 3

     Close the door and position the header piece. Seal should make slight pressure contact with the door. A fully compresses seal is not necessary and not recommended, as it will inhibit proper operation of door.

    Mark screw position in the center of the hole and drill pilot holes. 

    Secure header gasket with screws supplied (see Figure 3).

    Test the door to ensure gasket is positioned correctly. If necessary, loosen screws, reposition gasket and tighten screws again.



    How to Install a Perimeter Door Gasket - Figure 4



    Repeat Step 2 above for your jamb pieces

    (see Figure 4).

    Once you finish installing your perimeter door gasket, enjoy the benefits of a properly sealed door for many years to come!

    For more assistance and product information, contact us or call us at 855-296-3451. Our trained and friendly staff is on hand to guide you with all your soundproofing needs.

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