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From The Ground Up: Oak Hollow Recording

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From The Ground Up: Oak Hollow Recording

How this Oregon City garage became one of Mix Magazine's "Coolest New Studios"

Overtone Acoustics Exclusive Interview: From Dirt Floors to Cutting Edge Studio

From the ground up is a commonly used phrase to explain how it all started. Just like bands starting from their parents garage or that first vocal booth you built in the bedroom closet. Starting from dirt floors in a detached garage? That’s where Loren King, owner of Oak Hollow Recording Studios in Oregon City, Oregon started his latest studio build.

In collaboration with Haverstick Designs (whose credits include Berklee College of Music, Apple Computers and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), the 47x23 foot detached garage was transformed into a 4-room recording studio with Control Room, Live Room, Vocal Booth and Client Lounge.

"Building a studio is long, tolling, expensive process. It takes a ton of planning and patience.”
- Loren King

Offering King complete control over his projects was the goal in mind. Extreme isolation was added to the garage’s original structure. 

"This is my third studio I have built. The first two were great, but they were both one-room setups. Having to monitor through headphones while recording was getting really old and impeding on my tracking decisions.”

Such a demanding task doesn’t happen overnight. The studio design and budget alone took a full year. When all was said and done, it was just under two years to complete this one-of-a-kind transformation.

“A lot of the time it took was due to having a full time day job while trying to build the studio in my spare time. After a year of planning and design with Haverstick Design, I chose a layout that fit all my wants and needs."

All of the acoustic treatment put into Oak Hollow Recording was custom designed, with the exception of the rear-wall Sound Diffusers from Overtone Acoustics.

“Overtone Acoustics offered the perfect treatment for my studio. It came down to functionality, aesthetics and budget. When I looked at all the options on the market, Overtone Acoustics was the no brainer choice.”

Sound Diffusers

Finely equipped with an SSL Matrix board, Pro Tools 12 HD, Dynaudio BM5A speakers and a wide selection of mics and mic pre’s, it’s no wonder Oak Hollow Recording Studios was named in Mix Magazines “Class of 2015: Acoustic Design for 18 of This Year’s Coolest New Studios.”

“My control room sounds amazing. I’ve never had mixes translate so well on the first pass. With a fully treated control room I can trust what I’m hearing and trust all my mixing decisions. I can sit and listen to music for hours."

“Without good direction from a professional designer I would have never achieved this level of end result. I was thankful to find Overtone Acoustics and happy they were apart of my journey to success.”

For studio information, gear list and more pictures of Loren’s build, check out his website at

Ready to start your own studio transformation? Click below to contact an Overtone Acoustics Sales Representative today!

Free Room Analysis

Material from Mix Magazine’s June 2015 issue was used in this editorial.

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