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Acoustic Panels Make Your Receiver Belt Out Better Sound


If you consider yourself somewhat an audiophile and just threw down a huge wad of cash on a new receiver, you are not likely to want to know that the receivers from the 1970’s and 1980’s produce comparable sound. That noise you just heard was the collective gasp of the Millennial generation.

acoustic paneling

And why is this, you might ask. Ironically, you can blame technology.

You see, part of the problem is that over the years, the actual sound has become a secondary selling point behind the number of connections and wireless interfaces in receivers. That is, we seem to be more concerned with what we can plug into our stereos than how good they actually sound. What's more is that over the past few decades, the average power of a receiver has gone down. Basically, to get better high-quality sound from your modern receiver, you literally need to crank it to 11.

But this isn’t a reason to fret, or to start selling off your collection of Deadmau5 and Lostprophets discs, it just means you need a little compensation.

So instead of focusing too much on your hardware, let’s focus on the room where you listen to your music.

We often think of our receiver or our speakers as the final link in the audio chain, the one that makes the biggest difference in our ears. But quality sound from your stereo is so much more than that. Many of you might not realize this, but your room plays a large part in the sound that comes from your music devices.

For better quality sound, you need to have your room acoustically treated.

The idea here is to tame your room’s reflections, sound reflections that is. To keep sound from bouncing all over the place, try installing acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are the perfect solution to spot treating your room to enhance sound.

So whether you crank your tunes through a classic Luxman RX-102 or a modern Yamaha receiver, your acoustic treated room will bring out the best in sound. 

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