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2x4 = or
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  • Acoustic Door Jamb Kit
    Sound and air infiltration are very common through the gaps around the perimeter of doors. Installing a proper seal onto a door stop provides the added benefits of a door with higher sound control while it prevents energy...
  • Acoustic Door Seal Kit
    Sound Rated Basic Automatic Door Bottom with high quality neoprene seal, fills gaps up to .75". Can be applied as surface mounted or semi mortised application. Available in two anodized finishes, in standard 36-inch stock...
  • Acoustic Panel Sample Kit
    The Sample Kit Includes: (1) 1-ft x 1-ft Acoustic Panel Microsuede / Diamond Knit Fabric Swatches Panel Clip and Hardware Sample Overtone Acoustic panels offer a simple solution to controlling sound in a variety of spaces;...
  • Z-Clip Installation Kit
    Are you in need of a few spare parts? Don't worry - we got you covered! Included is (4) Z-Clips, (4) Pan Head Screws, (4) Dry Wall Anchors, and (4) Anchor Screws.

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